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City Parks-The GTA Parks

If you live near a park, chances are that you might have wildlife visiting you once in a while. If that’s the case, please don’t hurt the animals. They are just looking for food and shelter. If they are bothering you, just call a humane wildlife removal Toronto services to take care of the job for you by not causing any harm to the animal.

There are many parks in the city. Small or large if you look at a city map through google maps you will see that a good part of our city is absolutely green. There are small rivers that connect to larger ones.

You can find a complete list of parks in Toronto in Wikipedia. Although, you will find dedicated pages for only a few the list is fairly comprehensive. These parks have a lot of urban wildlife living in them. You wont really come across this wildlife if you take a walk in one of these parks during the day. It is mostly at night when all the little critters make their way out.

The most prominent parks in Toronto are High Park, Kew Gardens in the beaches, The Leslie Street Spit, Cedarvale Park, Withrow Park, Dentonia Park, the Scarborough Bluffs, The Rouge Valley in scarborough, Dufferin Grove Park and Raymore Park just to name a few.

Living near one of these parks means that you will have to deal with the occasional visit from raccoons, skunks and of course squirrels.If you are livng near such a park it is probably the case that you have urban wildlife near your home. Dont hurt these animals if they are bothering you. Get someone to deal with them, someone who knows. Get an animal control torontoexpert.

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