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City Raccoons-Love Them or Hate Them

Raccoons are capable of making many different kinds of noises including purrs, whimpers, snarls, growls, hisses, screams, and whinnies. In terms of physical appearance their toes are very flexible and that is why raccoons are very good at grabbing things with their front feet. This is the reason they can hold on to things. Raccoons are very good at climbing because of their flexible hands and they can even climb down things backwards. They can challenge the most experience wildlife control technicians. We got special advice from Mississauga raccoon removal experts on how to deal with the problem.

Looking for the perfect opportunity to dine, raccoons spend a great deal of they day rummaging through trash, and can even be seen using their front claws to pry open cans and other things.  In the wild when there is no garbage to feed on raccoons can fish, forage and pretty much eat anything they find. They feed on clams, frogs and other kinds of wildlife. Just like most wild animals, raccoons feed a lot in the summer months so they can store fat for the winter months.

In urban centres raccoons can create problems for home owners as they can feed off garbage bins and make a mess. Raccoons can also burrow in roofs, basements and attics and aside from the disturbances they can cause by staying up all night they can also cause damage. Also keep in mind that raccoons are carriers of the rabies virus so if you have a raccoon problem it is best to contact someone you know to deal with the raccoon removal.

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