Urban Wildlife

Pigeons-Like Them or Not

Pigeons particularly like roofs. The reason is that roofs are great places to find water easily and they don’t have many predators there. Pigeons become sexually mature at about six months of age. Pigeons are monogamous birds, often staying with the same partner from year to year. Most species build a fragile-looking nest often in a tree, but sometimes on man-made structures. To get the best advice on how pigeons can be stopped we asked a pigeon removal expert in Hamilton.

The ones we see in Toronto are mostly gray with a whitish rump, two black bars on secondary wing feathers, and a broad black band on their tail. Some variations are white with tanned or black variations. City pigeons are not at all afraid of people as they live in cities all their life. Many people even systematically feed pigeons and thus contributing to the growth of their population.

Toronto can subsist on just about any kind of diet, and will crowd out songbirds that feed near them. Pigeons are carriers of bacteria, fungi and nematodes and serve as reservoirs for numerous viral encephalitic diseases. Many of the parasitic mites associated with pigeons also bite humans. Pigeons are a pest. However, don’t poison them. You can have a professional take care of your pigeon problem. Call a pigeon removal Toronto expert to get rid of your pigeons for you.

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