Urban Wildlife

Pigeons-Wild City Birds

Pigeons are a major part of Toronto’s urban and suburban wildlife. Most people don’t  have problems with pigeons. However, in some cases pigeon populations can grow fast and reach large numbers. The major problem with pigeons is that their droppings are acidic so they can corrode things. Another issue with pigeons is that they can carry diseases and fleas that can transfer to animals. If you are experiencing problems with pigeons, it is better to deal with the population as soon as possible. Calling pigeon removal company Toronto is always a good idea.

Pigeons are also unusually skilled in finding water and food sources and that is one of the reasons they survive very well in cities. Some pigeons can have a range of over 100 kilometres however, in cities like Toronto, experts have observed that pigeons have a range of about 25 miles.

The interesting fact about pigeons is that they can be domesticated. Most wild city pigeons that we see every day are descendants of captive domesticated pigeons that have escaped and populated. In general, pigeons are scavengers. They will eat whatever they find and that’s why they are really good at finding their own food sources. Pigeons are not at all picky about their food, some even feed on feces. Nevertheless, pigeons are usually clean in their habits and when they find water pools they bathe.

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