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Raccoons-Toronto Urban Wildlife

Raccoons usually live on their own in other words live solitary lives. Sometimes raccoons live in groups where males and females raise their young. This usually occurs in dens during the winter months. Raccoons eat a lot and are sometimes capable of gaining a lot of fat. In some cases half their body mass is fat. This happens in northern parts of the world where they need the protection from the cold. Male raccoons are in most cases a lot heavier than females. Males can outweigh females by 10 to 30%. Male raccoons usually reach sexual maturity within a couple of years, whereas female raccoons do so within a year. To make sure you dont have to deal with thousands of dollars of damage a raccoon can cause if he or in most case she decides to enter your home you should get a professional to deal with the issue. Get a raccoon removal Toronto expert to deal with the problem. If you think raccoons dont cause problems then read on…

The raccoon (Procyon lotor) is a native to north America mammal. Although sizes vary, most raccoons measure about 3 feet long. This includes their 12-inch, bushy, ringed tail. Raccoons have a hunched appearance because their front legs are shorter than their back legs. Raccoons can live in trees or burrow in man made structure such as homes. They particularly like living in urban areas as there is an abundance of food they can live off of. If an overhanging tree branch is at least 1 inch in diameter, then that will be the way the raccoon accesses the building. Look for scratch marks on the tree.

Regardless of which North American city you live in you will come across a raccoon at one point or another. The reason is that raccoons are scavengers and can survive by eating anything they find. They live in populated areas as they can find food in our trash. They are really smart creatures and that’s why they have what it takes to thrive in cities. If you come across a raccoon in a city don’t hurt the raccoon. It is best that you contact animal control expert to take care of business for you.

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