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Skunks-Toronto Urban Wildlife

Skunks are another common animal that is encountered in cities in North America primarily the northern US and southern Canada. Skunks are considered a pest by some because they dwell in near cities. Skunks are very curious by nature. They like to explore areas in cities at night. Skunks are not aggressive at all. Nevertheless, the do damage to lawns and gardens because they dig around when looking for grubs. The website with the most information about skunks in Toronto is: skunk removal in Toronto
.We encourage you to visit the site if you are having skunk problems.

You will know when a skunk has visited your lawn because skunks leave distinct cone shaped holes when they dig for insects in the ground. Skunks are known to be carriers of rabies and in some areas nearly 65 percent of all skunks are carriers of the disease. Skunks are not monogamous creatures. They are polygamous and mate between mid-February to mid-March.

Aside from the holes they leave behind you will know you are visited by a skunk by the distinct scent they leave behind. Every skunk has the ability to discharge a nauseating musk from their anal glands. They do so to deter predators and they are very successful in doing so. The reason why you don’t really see skunks during the day is because they are nocturnal mammals. They prefer to hunt during the night. They feed on grubs, insects, small rodents, fruit, berries, mushrooms and other food items. In urban wildlife areas, they feed on pet food, garbage, fruit that has fallen from trees, and garden vegetables.

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